10 Amazing Castles

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There are thousands of amazing castles all over the world, though the really old, mysterious and intriguing ones are mostly found in Europe. Many were originally built as fortresses, and many others used by kings and queens as palaces. Those that most of us think about as fairytale castles incorporate towers and turrets just the way they do in contemporary Disney movies. Happily many are open to the public, so we can still visit them today.

#10 Predjamski Castle

Amazing Castles

Postojnska Cave and Predjamski Castle, Slovenia Photo: http://muchmoremuchier.com

This very unusual-looking castle in front of Oistijnska Cave in the village of Predjama in Slovenia, Predjamski was originally built in Gothic style with direct access to passages in the cave that were used as escape routes centuries ago. It is believed that it was originally built in the late 13th century, but was destroyed after a siege. It was rebuilt in the early 16th century, and then destroyed again, this time by an earthquake. The Renaissance-style castle that exists today was completed in 1570. It was turned into a museum after World War II. Perhaps even more famously, it has been used in modern times as a film location.

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