10 Amazing Castles

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#9 Frankenstein Castle

Amazing Castles

Frankenstein Castle Photo: andrepx http://andrepx.deviantart.com

Built in the 13th century Frankenstein Castle might have been part of the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s 19th century novel by the same name. But since the German name simply means Franks (the name of an ancient German tribe) plus stone (stein), it might not have had any influence at all. Built by Lord Conrad II Reiz of Breuberg, this castle was enlarged in the early 15th century and used as a private home for centuries. At one stage it housed a hospital. Today the castle comprises ruins, a chapel and towers that were rebuilt in the mid-19th century, and it is a low-key museum. You’ll find this Frakenstein Castle on a hilltop overlooking the German city of Darmstadt.

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