10 Amazing Coral Reefs

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#7 Koh Racha Islands, Phuket

Amazing Coral Reefs

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Koh Racha Islands, located about 12 km from Phuket in Thailand represent an idyllic location that is still not fully developed. Ko Racha Yai is fantastic for snorkeling and diving, though Ko Racha Noi (which is 10 km further than Ko Racha Yai) has an even more stunning coral reef. There’s not much beach at Ko Racha Noi, just rocks and the reef, and it’s not much good for swimming. But wherever you go, Phuket and most of the islands around it are incredibly beautiful both in and out of the water. Generally, the sea is teaming with tropical fish and other forms of marine life that thrive in the gorgeous coral forests.

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