10 Amazing Heart-Shaped Natural Features

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Nature produces many weird and wonderful shapes, but when these are in the shape of a heart, it is suddenly a little more wonderful. Those featured here are amazing heart shapes that may be seen at specific locations. In addition to these, there are always fleeting heart-shaped images you might see, including clouds, rock-shapes, leaves and even flowers. You’ll find them all over the world, just take the time to notice those that occur naturally. Enjoy.

#10 St. Paul’s Bay, Lindos

Heart-Shaped Natural Features

St Paul’s Bay, Lindos Photo: Bultro http://commons.wikimedia.org

The ancient village of Lindos on the Island of Rhodes in Greece, is famous for its sunny skies and azure, pristine beaches. One of the nicest places to swim is in the relatively tiny St. Paul’s Bay, where the water is crystal clear and very shallow, and which appears to have a perfect heart shape when viewed from several angles. Located south of the famous Lindos Acropolis, legend has it that this is where the apostle Paul landed when he sailed to Rhodes to preach Christianity in 51 AD.

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