10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Asian

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#8 Naomi Campbell

One of the world’s most successful international super-models ever,

Asian Celebrities

Legendary Model Naomi Campbell Dishes Her Thoughts On The “Instagram Model” www.starrpowerent.com/

British-born Naomi Elaine Campbell is part Jamaican with a heavy sprinkling of Chinese genes. Born in London in May 1970, her mother is Jamaican. Her father, whom she has never met, was part Jamaican and part Chinese, his father having the surname Ming. Campbell has always used the surname of her mother’s second husband, Campbell. One of the world’s top six supermodels in the 1990s, Naomi Campbell had a different schooling to most other children. From aged three she went to the Barbara Speake Stage School, and when she turned 10, she moved to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts where she studied primarily ballet.

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