10 Largest Animals

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The world is full of animals, big and small. Some are mammals, other are reptiles, arthropods or amphibians. But what is amazing is that the largest of them all are much bigger than human beings. Some of the 10 largest animals in our list live on earth while others live in the sea. Most are found in very specific parts of the world.

#10 Chinese Giant Salamanders Are the Largest Amphibians 

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4-Foot Salamander Arrives in London as Face of New Conservation Effort by Mary Bates, National Geographic Photo: Ben Tarley

Although now critically endangered throughout the world, the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) is known to have grown to a length of 1.8 m (6 ft) in the past. This makes it the largest known amphibian in the world. Found in lakes and mountain streams in China and Taiwan, it is regarded as a delicacy and is also used for traditional medical purposes in China. The Chinese giant salamander is also considered to be a “living fossil” dating back about 170 million years. The sounds it makes are remarkably human, which has resulted in the Chinese referring to it as “infant fish”.

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