10 of the World’s Weirdest Flowers

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There are thousands of weird flowers found all over the world, many of which appear to take on a different form, looking entirely like something else. Orchids probably take first prize for the weirdest flowers they produce as a species, but we have chosen a wider cross section of flowers, including just a couple of the strangest orchids. After this you’ll never look at a bunch of flowers in the same way ever again.

#10 Angel Trumpet

World’s Weirdest Flowers

10 Weird And Truly Terrifying Plants by Richard Everett http://listverse.com

Native to the South American forests, the amazing looking Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) flower is beautiful, fragrant, and enormously poisonous. It grows on an innocent-looking vine but is the source of three deadly toxins: atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine that is essentially a mind-altering drug. Stories abound about how this gorgeous looking plant has been used by ruthless criminals and drug addicts who use the leaves and flowers of the plant to make a narcotic tea. This flower’s name belies the fact that it can turn ordinary people into zombies.

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