10 Scariest Roller Coasters

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#9 Colossos Roller Coaster in Heide Park near Soltau, Germany

Scariest Roller Coasters

Colossus Roller Coaster Theme Park Review. Photo: ShockWave

There was a time when all roller coasters were made of wood, but today these are considered rather antiquated. However some of the most amazing coasters are still made of wood, including this one that takes the kudos for being the highest of its kind in Europe. The first few drops are really scary, but once you get going, you’ll be forgiven for believing you are flying. Top speed reached is 110 km/h (more than 68 mph) – a lot faster than Goliath – and you’ll experience the steepest curve of the coaster from about 60 m (197 ft) up high.

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