10 Top Online Freelance Jobs

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There are so many things you can do online, from playing games to making a killing financially. The thing is, that as a newbie to the world of working online, where do you go to make sure you really will be paid? While there are a huge number of scams that advertise the ability for freelancers to make money online, there are also millions – yes millions – of bona fide jobs that you can do to earn an honest living. Like everything in life, what you get paid will depend both on your skills and your ability to find somebody willing to pay you to use your skills to improve their business.

#10 Translating

online freelance jobs

English Grammar in Use Cambridge.org & German dictionary goodreads.com

If you are able to speak more than one language, there’s a good chance that you can make money online by doing translations from one language to another. Don’t imagine that you can simply use Google Translate to do your translations, that won’t work. You will need a 100 percent grasp of the language you are translating from as well as the language you are translating into, and this means a thorough knowledge of grammar and an excellent vocabulary in both. You will also need to use a dictionary to check anything you aren’t sure of.

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