10 Weird Deep Sea Creatures

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Far beneath the surface of our oceans there is another land where some of the weirdest creatures live. Some of the most extraordinary ones are relatively new to science, having been discovered only in recent years. Some are beautiful, others are simply bizarre, and some are found in much deeper waters than others. Here are 10 of the most weird deep-sea creatures, in no particular order.

#10 Clown Frogfish

Weird Deep Sea Creatures

Clown Frogfish Indonesia Photo: http://wallpaperweb.org

There’s camouflage and then there’s camouflage in brightly colored clown frogfish style. Also known as the warty frogfish, because its skin is covered with lots of little wart-like bulging bits, this marine tropical fish is found in the western Pacific Ocean and in the Indian Ocean between Reunion Island and Mauritius. Mostly found living in rocky, coral reefs, to a depth of about 20 m (66 ft), these weird sea creatures live a solitary life, except when they mate. The male is known to kill and even eat the female clown frogfish if she stays too close to him.

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