10 Weird Habits From Asia

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Many countries have their own weird ways of doing things, but the continent of Asia and the many countries on it, have a multitude of weird habits. Of course they don’t consider the way they do things as being strange, but most Western visitors do, especially those who have never been to Asia before. These 10 weird habits from Asia occur in various countries including China, the largest of all Asian countries.

#10 Spitting in Public

Weird Habits

Number one rule of Royalty, ladies – no spitting! by Simon Parry Photo: Ryan Pyle/Corbis

In China you will commonly see people spitting in public. In fact it is so common that there are public signs warning people not to spit in public. And it isn’t only poor people who spit; it’s just that people don’t seem to know any better. Not that long ago, the authorities in Shanghai launched a campaign known as the Seven Nos. These were no littering, no vandalism, no jaywalking, no smoking in public places, no damaging of greenery, no swearing, and of course no spitting. Reports stated it didn’t work.

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