10 Weirdest Beaches

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The most common visual picture of an idyllic beach is one with fine off-white sand and transparent azure-hued water. There may be rocks and rock pools, and possibly coral reefs that are teaming with colorful fish. Palm trees lining the beach also feature. But none of our 10 weirdest beaches fit this description at all. They are all quite different to the normal expectation of a beach, and all quite different to one another.

#10 Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California

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22 Stunning Photos of California’s Glass Beach by Alex Scola matadornetwork.com

One of the most famous of the world’s weirdest beaches, now known as Glass Beach, is in the Californian seaside town of Fort Bragg. It is beautifully colorful since it features smooth glass pebbles instead of sand. This is not a natural phenomenon, but rather a result of human dumping during the early 20th century. Closed for cleanup between 1967 and 2002, the sea did its bit, gradually wearing down what glass trash was left in the sand. Glass Beach, previously dubbed “the dumps” by locals, is now part of the MacKerricher State Park and a major tourist attraction.

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