10 Weirdest Islands

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Most people think of islands as being romantic or irresistible holiday destinations. While many are, you might be surprised to find that there are many islands out there that are really quite strange, if not weird. Each of the ten on our weirdest islands list have been chosen for one or more features that make them interesting, different, remarkable, or just plain weird. Some are inhabited, several are not. You’ll see why.

#10 Monuriki Island, Fiji

Weirdest Islands

Fiji Island – Monuriki www.lagoon-sensation.de

Monuriki in Fiji is a small, rather beautiful uninhabited island that first attracted attention when it was used during Cast Away, the hugely successful 2000 adventure drama starring Tom Hanks. Although nobody lives on the island, it has subsequently become something of a tourist destination, with tours that relate to the movie, as well as opportunities for swimming and snorkeling along the coral reef alongside the island. This is the same reef that initially prevents Chuck Noland (Hanks) from leaving the island on a raft, and also where he becomes adept at spear fishing.

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