10 Weirdest Islands

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#9 Navassa Island, Caribbean

Weirdest Islands

Strangest island in the Caribbean may be a sanctuary for critically endangered coral Photo: Eddie Gonzalez news.mongabay.com

The tiny Navassa Island in the Caribbean Sea between Haiti and Jamaica, is also uninhabited, but considerably more controversial than Monuriki Island. While Haiti has claimed since 1801 that it has sovereignty over the island, it was counter-claimed by the USA in 1857, for the rich guano deposits on the island, and has been administered by the US ever since. First discovered by crew accompanying Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage of discovery in 1504, the island was found to have no water, and because of this and its steep cliffs, was avoided by mariners for the next 350 years. It is now a nature reserve that requires US government permission to visit.

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