11 Weirdest Musical Instruments

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Creative musicians can make music with just about anything, from bits of wood to glass and even saws and barbed wire fences. Of course not everything they use to create their magic becomes a recognized musical instrument – certainly not a commercially recognized instrument that other people are going to want to buy. The 11 weird musical instruments in our list are organized in terms of year of invention, from the oldest to the most recent.

#11 Cimbalom

weirdest musical instruments

Schunda Cimbalom, late 1800s from Emil Richards Collection en.wikipedia.org

An ancient musical instrument with origins before the common, Christian or current era (BC), the cimbalom is still used today, though mainly by folk groups. It has also been used to create music for movies, including The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers. A large, trapezoidal box that has numerous metal strings stretched over the top, it was very popular in central-eastern Europe and Mediterranean regions during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Antique cimbaloms are found in several museums in different parts of the world.

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