11 Weirdest Musical Instruments

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#1 Zeusaphone

weirdest musical instruments

Zeusaphone commons.wikimedia.org Photo: Dracoswinsauer

Named after the Greek God Zeus, this weird “musical” instrument produces incredible sounds in the most bizarre way. Essentially what it has been designed to do is harness the high-voltage, high-frequency alternating-current (AC) electricity just as Nikola Tesla did in 1891. She used her “Tesla coils” for electrical lighting, X-rays and for electrotherapy. The American-made zeusaphone, also called a singing Tesla coil, uses its spark output to produce musical tones. This weird musical device was first demonstrated to the public in Illinois in 2007. Since then others have been made, and singing Tesla coils featured in Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in 2010.

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