7 Internet Millionaires Under 25

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Some of the world’s richest people have made their money on the Internet. Some were even teenagers when they first became multi-millionaires. For instance after launching myYearbook, Catherine and David Cook were aged just 17 and 19 respectively when they were already worth around $10 million. Ashley Qualls who came up with WhateverLife was worth $4 million at 17. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, now 30 going on 31, was worth a whopping $700 million when he was just 23. Here are seven people, including those mentioned above, who were Internet millionaires before they turned 25.

#7 David and Catherine Cook


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This brother and sister team got rich quick on the Internet by coming up with the social networking site, MyYearbook.com, a digital idea based on good old-fashioned yearbooks. Initially they got started with a quite healthy $250,000 investment injection from their older brother Geoff. Now their website, which has subsequently merged with Quepasa, is worth at least $100 million, largely from the advertising revenue they are able to get via the site. Individually the pair is worth at least $30 million each, probably more.

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