8 Celebs That Speak Multiple Languages

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Celebrities come from all over the world, so it isn’t surprising to find that they speak many different languages. What is amazing, though, is how many celebrities are able to speak multiple languages. While many speak English and just one other language, our eight celebs speak at least two other languages in addition to English which may or may not be their home language.

#8 Nelly Furtado Speaks Three Languages

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Photos of Nelly Furtado mtv.com Photo: Mary Rozzi

Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado has been topping the pops for more than 14 years, and has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. She has also won many awards including two Grammys, 10 Juno Awards and three MuchMusic Video Awards. The daughter of Portuguese parents, she also sings in Spanish and English, and can speak all three languages fluently. Furtado is married to sound engineer Demacio Castellon. She has a daughter, Nevis Chetan, whose father is former boyfriend Jasper Gahunia.

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