9 Animals That Kill Most People

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Humans hunt animals, and have done for centuries, both for food and for trophies. Animals also hunt humans. Not surprisingly it is mostly wild animals that kill the most people, and more often than not, in self defense (or because they think they are being threatened.) However, the domesticated dog also akes it to our top nine animal killers. When it comes to statistics, it’s almost impossible to find accurate figures, because deaths occur all over the world.

#9 Tigers


animals that kill

Fewer than 50 Wild Tigers Left in China by Michael Graham Richard www.treehugger.com

The tiger, which originated in Asia and which is closely related to the lion, leopard and jaguar, is the largest in the broad definition of cat species. They are solitary but social creatures and very territorial. They are carnivorous, mainly feeding on animals that are smaller than they are, as well as the young of larger animals. Tigers are known human killers, even though official statistics indicate a fairly low number per year – in the hundreds. Generally tigers will strike after being attacked, or when something (including a person) threatens their cubs. More than 27 people were either killed or badly injured after being attacked by captive tigers in the US between 1998 and 2001.

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